For the love of fishing!

Chris & I got up at 430am to go fishing over in Hernando County on an inshore charter!!! (Chris looks so enthused to be taking pictures @ 5am doesn’t he?—he loves me!)… So we went over to Hernando and went fishing with Capt. Joel (! We went to the flats and I caught 2 catfish. No Reds! I REALLY wanted to catch a Red, but of course I know that just bc I want to doesn’t mean i’m going to! If that were the case i’d have caught alot more fish in my life then I have! So after fishing the flats for a while we went out deeper to fish for sharks and whatever else would bite.

I don’t know how far out we were, probably 7 miles and it was only 8 feet deep. You couldn’t see land, but you could see the bottom. We caught a bunch of sharks, which you know I don’t mind since I love love sharks!! They are such a fun fight! and they are cute! Did you know if you lay a shark on its back it will go to sleep? I had heard this but I wasn’t sure if it was for sharks or gators?…it works for sharks, not sure if it works for gators…. We also caught some seabass, lady fish, and some trout. Chris caught a big 23.5 inch trout! we kept it, and we caught one other keeper trout. We brought them home and we had them for dinner tonight! They were delish!


>>>Me “petting” the shark. The feel like sand paper on their head and back, and their belly is really smooth!

Chris & his trout /

After we got done fishing in Hernando beach we came home, got a shower and watched TV…I started reading the fishing reports for Sebastian Inlet and they were bringing some big fish up outta there….Chris jumped up and got dressed and we went fishing- Again…..

We fished the west coast & east coast all in one day! 400 miles!!

We got skunked in Sebastian but we still had a good time. We got down there about 1130,fished for an hour and then slept in the truck from about 1230am-430am… Then we tried to go fish the beach but it was pretty rough. We watched the sun come up and then went to fish the point some before we came home!

(East Coast, Sebastian Inlet 6am)

The Inlet from the bridge that runs from the north side to the south side- that is the south side beach.
Me fishing the point at Sebastian Inlet!

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