Have you ever?

….written down some of the things you think about during the day? Or the things you dreamt about last night? I don’t know why, but today I started writing down some of the random things I think about during the day.

So here is my list:

  1. weird dreams: i’ve had alot of weird dreams lately, last night I dreamt that one of my exs was gay and that i saw him in the shower with a bunch of random guys. i mean my dream was graphic…..and this ex is so not gay-he’s married….and im not saying which EX in case anyone i know reads this..and they won’t know who i’m talking about bc all but one of my exes is married w/ kids!..
  2. my schedule @ work. I often wonder why do I even bother wasting time making out a schedule when my office manager could care less whether or not she follows it or not ….we alternate days leaving at 5 and 4. i’ll leave at 4 one day and she’ll stay till 5, then the next day she leaves at 4 and i stay till 5. our dr demands that one of us be here until 5 with the receptionists…..but she never follows it and i get stuck here till 5 every damn day. and what is even more annoying is that I come in @ 730 so that I can leave @ 4, and she’ll come in @ 8-815 and still leave at 4…how is this fair? …..
  3. my classes @ school. I think i’m going to have to take 2 more pre-reqs before I can apply for the billing/coding program….both of whichi don’t think i should have to take. One is INTRO to computers…I’ve taken a billion computer classes in college, and the other one is basic anatomy & physiology! But i’ve already taken Anatomy & phy 1 & 2…shouldn’t those cancel out the basic?? Oh I sure hope so! UGH!
  4. thoroughness, my ofc mgr is not thorough at all. she makes me crazy. she half ass does thing so that she can get through it quickly and then I end up cleaning up her mess later on because she didn’t do it right the first time! AGH!
  5. My dang dog Diva and her love for my chap stick. She has eaten 2 chapsticks and a lip gloss. WTH!

So there. That is a serious peek into my brain.

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