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Okay everyone, 

I moved the blog. again. I never know how this is going to work, so you might need to update your google reader and/or your e-mail subscription. 

The new blog is http://lifeisbeachykeen.com  — The old posts aren’t currently loaded into the new blog.. Godaddy is not the easiest host to work with, but I’m getting there (i hope!) 


motivation:where does it come from?

Motivate: to give incentive to
Inspire: to influence or impel


This is the blog that made me realize, I CAN DO THIS.
I’ve wanted to make a change for a long time, but I would always cut myself short before I even got started.

I would tell myself that I could never look like that because “I don’t have that kind of body.” Well No, you don’t. Neither did she, until she did.
Once I figured out I was being an idiot and realized that I could have a lean physique, I got to work.

I started looking for blogs that promoted real healthy eating. I also started to realize that running wasn’t going to get me where I needed to be, so I started looking for blogs that posted about strength training.

On eating clean:
The Gracious Pantry
The Eat Clean Diet

On being a bad ass
Petite Athleat
She Rocks Fitness
Power House Fit Foodie
Chase Ford Endurance

There is a huge community on Instagram. It’s more addicting than facebook!

On Instagram

I follow a whole lot of people on Instagram, but I’ll just leave it at that for now.

These blogs, and instagram users keep me motivated, and are a constant reminder to stay on track; to eat clean, and work hard.
That a lean physique is possible.
That it will take time, and dedication.
but that it is possible.

What keeps you motivated?


one day at a time blog

rough conditions

Rarely in life do things go exactly the way we plan, at least for me. If you’ve figured out how to make things go exactly like you plan, every time, please tell me your secret!


Waking my Pops up so he could move his truck was not in my plans for Saturday morning, and I can assure you getting woken up that early wasn’t in his plans either.

This last week I paid extra attention to how much water I was drinking(win!). I tried to eat enough (I didn’t) and tried to get all my workouts in (I didn’t).

I knew I had a hard run coming up on Saturday, and I wanted to be properly hydrated & fueled. Usually I eat 2 english muffins for breakfast before long runs, but this time I wanted to try out oatmeal to see if it would stick longer.
answer: nope. I was hungry by time I got to the gates at Starkey Park.
Haven’t figured out how to fix this problem yet.
I also drank a bottle of water with breakfast, and drank about 8oz of gatorade/water mix on my drive to the park.

long run time: It didn’t feel AS hot on Saturday morning, but I  knew as soon as the sun came up it was get hot quick, and it did.
The first 4 miles were okay, but I was struggling.
The goal was 12 miles at 7:55avg.

Obviously we didn’t meet our goal.
But I’m not upset about it.
I had a good run. I gave it everything I had. I held nothing back.
I checked weather.com when I got back to my car.
It said current temp was 82, but felt like 90.
so, an 8:16avg in 90 degree heat. yah. I’ll take it.
but is it winter yet?


There was a lot of self-talk going on doing that run. I kept telling myself that I could do this. I was in shape to run this pace. Keep the negative thoughts out, positive thoughts only. Never quit. mental toughness.
IT was rough out there.

I ran with a fuel belt and drank 10oz water/gatorade mix. an unknown amount of water. 2 powerbar green apple gels.
also poured an unknown amount of water over my head.
I was soaked by time we made it back to the parking lot.

By mile 9 my calves were feeling crampy. I woke up early saturday morning with a Charley horse in my left calf – so that was awesome  sucked.
Probably need to invest in some salt tabs.


It’s really hard to avoid self doubt during a tough run like that. Really hard.
It’s really hard to not second guess my decision to run a full marathon.

The good thing about these tough runs: they help me build up mental toughness.
they will also help me run faster when the weather cools down.


never quit image

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The dictionary defines self esteem as: a realistic respect for or favorable impression of oneself;self-respect.

I’ve never thought badly of myself as a person. I’m a pretty decent person; I’m compassionate, and strive to help others. But, when it comes to body image. Forget it. No self-esteem what-so-ever.

Sure, I’ve had days when I felt like I “looked good” (whatever that may mean), but more days when I wanted to stay home, in my pj’s because that was infinitely more comfortable than whatever outfit I had to wear that day.

I’m not telling you this so you’ll be all, “Awww, poor Jena. You look great.” or “You skinny bitch. what is your problem.” I’m just stating the honest truth.

Sometimes I would change 4, 5, 6 times before we could ever leave, and then I was constantly complaining about my clothes once we finally left. Often times Chris would make me leave the closet and get in the car before I could change clothes again. I just had to go however I was.

It didn’t matter if Chris said I looked good.
What matters is what I saw.

I sometimes see people in clothes that I’d never wear, and I’m jealous of them; Jealous that they had the self-confidence to wear a certain outfit. Why don’t I have that self confidence?

I constantly complained to Chris about how unhappy I was with my body.
His response, “well then do something about it, but you can’t eat skittles, and junk and then complain about your body. It doesn’t work that way.”
“if you want to work out, then work out, and then you can complain. but sitting around doing nothing and complaining isn’t working.” “Do something.”

Chris has always been 100% behind me. He supports me, so don’t take those statements as him being a jerk.

He was right. HOW could I sit on the couch and eat skittles & drink Dr. pepper and then complain that I felt bloated.
duh. of course you do.

and then something just clicked in my head. I’ve had enough. I will make a change.

and I did.

I can truthfully say that I’m feeling great.
I feel more confident in my own skin than I have felt in a long time.
I have hidden behind loose t-shirts for years.
Only in the last 2-3 years have I started to buy fitted t-shirts.
and I would only wear those on a really, really, really good day.
On a day when I wasn’t bloated & feeling bad.
that spaghetti strap tank in the top picture? Wear that? No. Never.. only to bed.

I have a ways to go before I have the body I want, but it’s getting there.
I may not be able to physically see much change, but I FEEL better.
I took control, and that feels so good.


I hope this post doesn’t sound to braggy. It’s not meant to be braggy. It took me a long time to get to this place. I’ve had many conversation with Chris, my Sister, and Jenny about wanting to make a change; wanting to be more comfortable in my body, but not knowing HOW to do that.

HOW do you just stop losing control, and start being in control
The answer:
one day at a time.

stay strong

Wednesday’s are cross-training days around here.

I planned on riding the stationary bike for 30 minutes, but I also wanted to get some strength training in. I logged onto Chase Ford Endurance and saw the WOD(workout of the day).

Looked doable. The workouts are set up to be done in a gym, or in a “box.” but since I don’t have access to either I e-mailed Chase for some modifications.

(as many rounds as possible) (I feel like I’m giving away crossfit secrets) Check out this interview w/ Bob Harper for more crossfit terminology.

Station 1: (5minutes)
10 Shoulder Presses
5 Burpees

Station 2: (5 minutes)
15 sit-ups
15 squats

Station 3 (5 minutes)
15 dumb bell swings
10 shoulder presses


After I rode the stationary bike (30 min, 7.2 miles), I set up my weights & mat (for situps) messed w/ the interval timer on my phone so I wouldn’t have to pay to much attention to the time, and got to work.

It was hard. I felt discouraged almost immediately. Shoulder presses by themselves are fine, but shoulder presses after burpees…. totally different story.
I considered quitting and not even bothering.
I did.
I really did.

Then I thought, “Chase knows I’m doing this workout today. If I quit. I will have to e-mail him and tell him that I didn’t do it.” That will suck.

and I pushed on.
I finished the workout. Tired, and sweaty. It was only 15 minutes.
It was 15 minutes of self doubt.

Once I was done with the workout, I remembered that I just started this type of strength training. I just started strength training at all a little over a month ago.
Be patient.

when you are struggling with a workout, or a run; Is there someone, or something that pushes you through?

When I’m running, I try to think about the end goal. I want a sub 4 marathon, and that isn’t going to happen if I’m just prancing around on the trail. I need to get down to business and work hard.


on track


Monday was a good day, I hope your Monday was swell.

I received a message from Chase at some crazy hour of the morning on Monday that had my {modified} workout of the day. I opened up the message, and I was excited; a little nervous, but excited.
It’s a new day full of possibilities.

I bring my lunch to work every day. I eat in my office, and leaving is kind of a hassle, so packing my lunch is ideal. On days when I don’t have anything to pack I stop at the grocery store and try to find something halfway healthy that can be easily prepared in an office kitchen.

I also pack all the snacks that I’m going to need for the day.
Yesterday’s snacks were:
6oz chobani(plain) with 1/4 cup frozen raspberries (10:30)
1 large {and juicy} peach  (2pm)
1/2 cup lowfat cottage cheese w/ 1/4 cup bluberries (4pm)
handful of peanuts when I got home. (not clean, but tasty!) (5pm)

Pre-packing snacks leaves little room for error. The building I work in doesn’t have vending machines {anymore} so I can’t deviate from my plan to easily. I like knowing exactly what I’m going to have, and when I’m going to have it. {maybe I’m more of a control freak than I thought?}

Yesterday I started using the MyPlate app on Livestrong – I was using my fitness pal, which is user friendly, but livestrong breaks down the macronutrients further than my fitness pal. Specifically, protein.

You can also track your water intake (my fitness pal also has this feature)


That number is correct. I LOVE my camelback water bottle! It’s 32oz, and has a bite straw thing. I’ve never heard of these bite straws until I got this water bottle.
I can physically notice a difference in my run if I don’t drink enough water. I know that sounds ridiculous, but it’s true. If I can rule out everything else (Fatigue, ate to much) and I’m still struggling through a run, it’s most likely because I didn’t drink enough water during the day.

I fill the bottle up before I leave home. Drink 32 oz before lunch. Drink 32oz after lunch, and then another 32 oz before dinner… I also drink a 16oz bottle of water with breakfast.
got to stay hydrated!

It stormed in my ‘hood pretty much all day so running outside wasn’t happening. I brought , up Extreme Makeover:Weight loss Edition on my Kindle Fire and went to work on the treadmill.

My training plan says EASY 4 miler; training plan also says my easy pace for short runs should be about 9:15. I was happy to oblige. I just wasn’t feeling a hard run, so I set the treadmill on cruise control and got the job done.

4 miles, 36:33, 9:08 avg.
It felt good to run at an easy pace. Usually when I’m on the treadmill I’m bumping the speed up every 2 minutes because I want to get done and get off the ‘mill. Yesterday I just cruised along doing my thing. (I should savor that feeling, it probably won’t happen again).

After I ran I stretched, and rolled. I’ve been avoiding my foam roller for days. The knots in my IT bands are out of control. My IT bands were actually sore to the touch after my run on Saturday. (what the heck is up with that?) Yesterday was the day to work them out.
I stretched & rolled for about 20 minutes; then I gathered up my weights and headed down to the garage for my first WOD {I feel like such a poser}.

Since I don’t have access to a gym the workout was modified so that I could do it easily at home.

For time: {14:36:57}

400m run
21 kettlebell {dumb bell} swings  
21 pull ups {presses for me}

400m run
15 kettlebell swings
15 pullups

400m run
9 kettlebell swings
9 pullups

After the first round, I told Chris, “I think Chase is trying to kill me.”

I used 10lb weights for the swings, since that’s the heaviest I currently have and 8lb for the presses bc that’s all my poor arms could handle with that many reps.

I loved the workout. I was nervous. Nervous I would totally suck; There were a few times during the presses, and the runs that I was thinking, “I suck. This is taking WAY to long.” but then I remembered everyone starts somewhere. I sent Chase my time, and reassured me that I did well, and reminded me that I just did more of a workout than some people ever do in their lives. true. so so sad, but true.


OH, I caved and made a facebook page for the blog. Like it HERE.
I don’t know exactly what I’m going to put on there. Probably a million iPhone pictures, and even more instagram pics.. Maybe some words for though. Like if you want…or don’t


- Work Hard. Never Quit. One day at a time -


Week 1: not so much

Well, I’m glad last week is over; it was kind of a rough week of running (or lack of running) for me.


Last week was full of a lot of self doubt

I was pretty successful at sticking to the meals that I had planned out, so that was a win. My favorite meal from last week was the quinoa stuffed peppers, those babies were SO SO good!

This week will also be full of new recipes. I spent a lot of time on Saturday surfing the web looking for clean eating recipes; I found this really awesome site, The Gracious Pantry, that has a lot of recipes, and some great educational information eating clean. I found this post, What is clean eating?, to be pretty informative.

July 16h – July 22
ratatouille & grilled/baked chicken
Tuesday: turkey meatloaf & steamed vegges
Wednesday: chicken of some sort, baked potato/sweet potato(for me) & veggies
Thursday: spinach & chicken sausage pizza on whole wheat boboli crusts
Friday: lentils & chicken
Saturday:  leftovers
Sunday: leftovers- fend for yourself night

Usually on Saturday night or Sunday night (maybe both) we have a “fend for yourself” night. Neither of us feels like making dinner, and we try not to eat out much, so we scrounge around in the fridge and eat whatever we can find… healthy? Well, since this week our meals are healthy, there should only be good things leftover.

OH, I just looked on the counter and there is a butternut squash…looks like we are having that sometime this week. Hmm, I wonder why I bought that for???


Last week was a REALLY rough week of running. I don’t know if my legs were exhuasted from the 18 miles I put in LAST weekend, or if the new strength training routine wore them down. I’m not sure what the problem was, but I hope we don’t have that for the next 20 weeks.

Space Coast Marathon: WEEK 1 RECAP

Monday: supposed to run 4 miles, my legs were pretty sore & tired so I rode the stationary bike for 30 minutes; 7 miles + strength training
Tuesday: supposed to be 6 mile interval run. I made it through 3 miles.
Wednesday: I don’t remember what I did, so I’m thinking I took a whole rest day
Thursday:  3 torture filled miles on the treadmill + strength training.
Friday: 60 minutes on the bike, 17.5 miles
Saturday: 10 very dreadful miles
Sunday: perfect day at the beach w/ Jenny. COMPLETE relaxation day
A grand total of a whopping 16 miles (run) & 24.5 biked…

Space Coast Marathon: Week 2
Monday: 4 miles, easy + strength training
Tuesday: 6 miles
Wednesday: strength train + bike ride
Thursday: 6 miles
Friday: total rest day
Saturday: 12 mi @ 7:55 avg (I’ve been told this is what I’ll be running. I’m READY!)
Sunday: total rest day

This week HAS to be better than last week. My IT bands are still sore – I have a hot date with the foam roller later on. I think one mistake I made last week was riding the bike on Friday before my long run – I think I should have taken a total rest day so my legs could be rested.. live & learn.

How did your week shape up last week?
Did you get in all the workouts you wanted?
Any new recipes?
Any sources on clean eating I should check out?

Saturday, July 14th..what a day.

Thanks to Chase from Chase Ford Endurance for his fantastic guest post on Friday!
You can follow Chase Ford Endurance on
Instagram (@chasefordendurance)

How was your Friday the 13th? Mine was normal; like any other Friday.

Saturday the 14th was a real beast.
I had a funny feeling when I woke up this morning. I kept thinking, “I should stay home. I should go back to bed.” But, I didn’t. I ate my english muffins, drank my coffee & water and headed out the door by 5:45am.

Today I took my water belt…which didn’t work out in my favor.
I also took my keys with me on my run. Why? I don’t know. I never do this.

I knew within the first mile that this run was going to suck. To bad for me since I had 9 more miles. The humidity was thick in the air this morning. It was nasty. I felt ocean belly; which I’ve read means dehydrated. I don’t see how I could possibly have been dehydrated. I’ve been drinking WAY more water than normal.

I ran the first few miles w/ Rob. We talked a little, but I was struggling, and he’s not a big talker; I put my headphones in and tried to zone out.

Mile 4: 7:57, also known as: the mile where it starts to fall apart. I didn’t stop at the 4 mile water stop since I had my fuel belt. I stopped @ the 5 mile turn around, took a green apple power bar gel, drank some water, and took off again.

Maybe I waited to long to take a gel? I usually take one at mile 4.

5 miles sure seems like a long way when you’re struggling.
Every step was rough
By mile 7.5 I felt like I was in someone else’s body. My feet and legs weren’t not communicating.
and NO ONE was communicating with my lungs.
and everyone was communicating with my brain. My whole body was just bitching.
bitch, bitch, bitch.


My water belt is definitely to big so it was bouncing all over the place. If I pushed it to far down on my hips, it was to tight and restricting my legs. Wearing it around my waist isn’t even an option. That drove me crazy for 10 miles. I’m selling it. $25. 4 bottle amphipod fuel belt. Goes for $46 on running warehouse, and I paid $35.

Today was a bit of a rude awakening. My last couple of runs have been incredible. Today was like, “OH HEY, by the way, it’s summer. In Florida.”

last mile 9:00. I can’t remember the last time I saw a 9 minute mile as my last mile.
I was unhappy with how tough this run was (mentally & physically), but ecstatic to be done with that run.

Lesson I learned today:
If you pop your trunk via key fob, then throw your fuel belt (including keys) in your trunk, and shut the trunk. It won’t reopen. Popping the trunk from the key fob, does not, I repeat DOES NOT unlock your trunk.

freakin’ fail.

I was locked out of my car for about 5 hours today. That sucked.
Chris is out of town.
My Dad is in Tampa.
A fantastic friend called AAA.
the AAA guy tried for 2 minutes to unlock my car then decided he couldn’t do it.
well thanks guy.

My friend, Tom, was SO kind and stayed with me while I figured out what the hell I was going to do. I ended up having to call my Dad and have him come from Tampa to pick me up, take me to my house, get my key, then take me back to my car.

No one else could take me to my house because I had no way to get in. Since my Dad lives with us part time he has keys & a garage door opener. Climbing through the window isn’t simple unless you just happen to be carrying around an extension ladder….and apparently most people don’t. hmph.

I finished my run around 8:15am. I got home, with my car at 1pm.
OH!! AND the park put a ticket on my car because the year of my parking pass couldn’t be seen. don’t worry, I paid in pennies, nickels & dimes. $1.10 in pennies, the other .90 in nickels & dimes.

I’m a jerk, but c’mon. At least just leave a note asking me to stop by the office and show the stupid parking pass. If I wasn’t in such a foul mood I would have stopped and argued w/ them about it. But I know how I am when I’m in a bad mood, and I would have just looked like a gigantic ass … not that paying in pennies is much better, but at least no one got cussed at.

and that’s that. Now I’m going to lay on the couch and read the first book in the Kay Scarpetta series by Patricia Cornwell… I’ve already read quite a few of this series, but I want to read the whole thing.

I hope your Saturday was better than mine; If it wasn’t, feel free to tell me about it so I can feel better about mine Winking smile

Guest Post: Benefits of strength training

A week or so ago I asked my friend Chase to write up a post about strength training & endurance athletes. On June 5th I set out to to get healthier; I had a weight in mind that I would be “happy” at. Well, I’m happy to report that I’m 2lbs away from the weight; however, I’m still not “happy.” I’ve come to realize that just losing a few pounds is not going to get my body the way I want it. Cardio is fantastic, but I need to add in some strength training to reach the goals I really want. In addition to buff arms, strength training has some other advantages, and since I know very little about that, I’ll let Chase take over from here-

Chase is a former US Marine, Ironman Triathlete, Marathoner, and CrossFit Competitor. He is a Certified Level 1 CrossFit Trainer, who recently opened up his own Virtual Personal Training Company Chase Ford Endurance, LLC. He is based in Kailua, Hawaii, but offers services to anyone, anywhere via email, phone or Skype.

He started Chase Ford Endurance after he had competed in numerous endurance events and felt the need to motivate athletes. This was further confirmed after seeing some response on facebook and other social media sites. The need was to provide virtual personal training and motivation to athletes all over the globe. He currently trains about 10 local athletes in Hawaii and 30 via the internet through his workouts posted on his site daily.

So, Why is strength training so important to endurance athletes?

The question comes up a lot among my athletes: not wanting to get bulky and  just wanting to work on endurance. Coming into CrossFit (strength training) as an endurance athlete these were my exact concerns too. I had the mentality to just log miles and maybe do a 30 minute gym session here and there. So what is the real benefit from strength training for Endurance athletes?

The first major benefit in strength training is it will improve your form. While working on strength movements like the dead lift, push press, or back squat you must have a tight core. If you collapse your core, you will not be able to make the lift. This will translate over into your runs, when you need your core the most.

Secondly, it will increase your endurance and stamina during your runs. Take the staple CrossFit Workout “Linda” for example, 10-9-8…2-1 for time of 1.5 x your body weight Dead lift, bodyweight bench press, and 3/4 x your bodyweight Cleans. The workout takes on average between 12:00 minutes to 32:00 minutes depending on the athlete. Since the workout is done for time, you must move efficiently through the entire workout. Without specifically working on endurance, throughout the whole workout you’re training your muscles and mind to be able to work when you’re fatigued. We all know this teaching is invaluable during a long endurance race.

Both of these combined will increase your speed. With stronger muscles your form will be more efficient. Then you add the endurance benefit from the strength training and you have now trained your body to perform when you thought you couldn’t. Who doesn’t want a faster 5k or even break into the Sub 4:00 hours for Marathon? So the benefit of strength training for Endurance Athletes are up to the individual who puts in the time.

Train Smart and Never Quit!


My personal story: The addition of strength training to my endurance training has been the best thing I have ever done. I found myself 13 miles deep into the run portion of an Ironman triathlon with nothing left to give. I had no energy left; I could not take in any nutrition, and seriously was in the fight of my life, mentally, to finish the race. I made it though my first Ironman finishing two hours after my projected time at 14 hours. The minute I left the course I knew I needed to change something. I went back to San Diego in search for a new training program. I started doing more strength training than running and improved my times for an Olympic distance triathlon and for a half ironman. My greatest achievement was coming across the finish line of Miami 70.3 triathlon at 5 hours and 28 minutes. I broke down in tears knowing that I just shaved of 45 minutes from my previous half-ironman distance race. The picture above is from my Ironman in Cozumel to my 70.3 in Miami. The picture speaks for itself.

Thanks Chase! 

If you have any questions for Chase you can find him on facebook @ ChaseFordEndurance, or you can leave your questions in the comments, and he may answer them there, or I can relay the information to him. You can also e-mail me any questions, and I’ll forward them on to him.

“is there meat in that?”

“be tough, be tough, stick it out, this is your marathon.”

That’s what I was telling myself I was slogging through 3 miles on the treadmill this afternoon.
I had intended on running outside, but thunderstorms rolled in before I got outside, so off to the treadmill I went.

I just couldn’t make myself stick it for 3 more miles. I didn’t even want to run to begin with, but felt like a loser for punking out on my first real day of marathon training.
My legs are still sore from Flatwoods on Sunday, and I think they are a little sore from the weight workout I did yesterday. Squats and the straight leg dead lifts, maybe?

3 miles, 26:20, 8:46

I prefer meals that can be made in 20-30 minutes. tops. 90 minute meals.. No, not my idea of a good time. Who has that much time to cook after work?

Monday I bailed on the stuffed peppers because they were going to take to much time. Peppers won’t stay good forever so today was the day.

The preparation is easy, it’s just time consuming. It’s about 30 minutes to make the “stuffing” and then the peppers have to bake for another hour. I ran on the treadmill while my peppers were baking.

This recipe is from Vegetarian Times:

quinoa stuffed pepper

Quinoa Stuff Peppers

Serves 8  or 3.5 if you have two grown men that eat like horses =)

This dish freezes well for future meals. Quinoa provides whole-grain goodness and a serving of protein.

  • 1 medium onion, finely chopped (1 cup)
  • 2 Tbs. olive oil
  • 2 ribs celery, finely chopped (½ cup)
  • 1 Tbs. ground cumin
  • 2 cloves garlic, minced (2 tsp.)
  • 1 10-oz. pkg. frozen chopped spinach, thawed and squeezed dry
  • 2 15-oz. cans diced tomatoes, drained, liquid reserved
  • 1 15-oz. can black beans, rinsed and drained
  • ¾ cup quinoa
  • 3 large carrots, grated (1 ½ cups)
  • 1 ½ cups grated reduced-fat pepper Jack cheese, divided
  • THREE large red  GREEN bell peppers, halved lengthwise, ribs removed

1. Heat oil in saucepan over medium heat. Add onion and celery, and cook 5 minutes, or until soft. Add cumin and garlic, and sauté 1 minute. Stir in spinach and drained tomatoes. Cook 5 minutes, or until most of liquid has evaporated.

2. Stir in black beans, quinoa, carrots, and 2 cups water. Cover, and bring to a boil. Reduce heat to medium-low, and simmer 20 minutes, or until quinoa is tender. Stir in 1 cup cheese. Season with salt and pepper, if desired.

3. Preheat oven to 350°F. Pour liquid from tomatoes in bottom of baking dish.

4. Fill each bell pepper half with heaping 3/4-cup quinoa mixture, and place in baking dish. Cover with foil, and bake 1 hour. Uncover, and sprinkle each pepper with 1 Tbs. remaining cheese. Bake 15 minutes more, or until tops of stuffed peppers are browned. Let stand 5 minutes. Transfer stuffed peppers to serving plates, and drizzle each with pan juices before serving.

Verdict: delicious! I really enjoyed the stuffed peppers! Chris & My Dad; They said they were good, but if they didn’t get some meat tomorrow night they were going out to eat Smile